Our Staff

Each and every staff member at Casa Bambini has been specially trained in the Montessori Method of education as well as first aid and fire fighting training.
Chantelle Trytsman (Owner and Founder)

Owner and founder of Casa Bambini Baby House and Pre-school in Pretoria.


Chantelle is a mother of three and has always been a career woman. Having raised three children and always having a full time job, she realised how important it is to have a place to take your child to where you can have peace of mind while establishing yourself in your career.


( Pre-school Teacher)

Chandré is a mother of 2 boys and is a qualified Montessori Directress having completed her Montessori Diploma in 2012 as well as a various Montessori courses throughout the years. Chandre is the head directress at Casa Bambini and is also a SAMA registered head of school.


Chandré has a passion for early childhood development and thoroughly enjoys her busy little class. 

(Baby Class Teacher)

With a Diploma in Child Psychology. Monicque has an immense passion for babies and toddlers.


Through au-pairing Monicque realised her passion for children and early childhood development and started her Montessori training.


Soft natured,extremely patient and loving. Monicque is a great asset to our team.


(Toddler Class Teacher)

Jo is a caring and compassionate teacher with a wealth of experience with the toddler age group, working both abroad and in special needs environments.


Leigh- Anne
(Assistant/Aftercare Teacher)

Leigh- Anne is a lively, energetic and loving teacher with the world of patience. She assists between the toddler and pre-school classes and is also our aftercare teacher.


Meet Our Assistants

Pre-school Class
Pre-school Class assistant
Baby Class Assistant
Baby Class Assistant
Toddler Class

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