Lower elementary (6 to 9 environment)

casa bimbini

We realise that the Elementary Phase is critically important for laying down the foundation for happy and inquisitive learning.

At Casa Bambini we use a blended approach; blending the philosophy of early learning in a Montessori environment together with the requirements of CAPS (Impaq). Please note that the registration for Impaq and the registration for Casa Bambini is separate. You will therefore complete an Impaq registration form in order to receive the learning material, and then complete a Casa Bambini registration form in order for Casa Bambini to facilitate your child's learning.

The Montessori 6–9 curriculum maximizes exploration, creativity, and independent learning. The world of the child is full of movement, and we prepare the environment with beautiful materials and ample opportunity to connect with nature. This approach facilitates growth and fosters peace while keeping up with the busy and active bodies and brains of young children.

The lesson material is created with the Holistic Child in mind. We ensure that our approach and lesson plans facilitate the education of the Whole Child – body, mind and spirit.

We are a registered Impaq Tutor Centre